woensdag 3 mei 2017

Oddball Art Stamp Designs Technique a Week - Color Wheels

Good morning, 

Each week at Oddball Art Stamp Designs we have a 
"technique" for you
This varies from actual techniques to explanations on how to create something or
maybe some hints and tips

For today's "technique" I'm goin to show you how I've made my color wheels
Color wheels are very helpfull, especialy when you're a bit of a colornoob like me :P

I have made 6 different colorwheels:
Analogous - Left bottom
Complimentary - Right bottom
Split Complimentary - Left centre
Triadic - Right top
Square - Right middle
Tetradic - Left top

I started with printing the 6 colorwheels on sturdy white paper

I took 1 acrylic sheet A4
1 blanc white sheet A4
and the white A4 printed sheet with colorwheels

I've cut the colorwheels with my circle die
and then cut out 6 plain white circles and 6 acrylic circles

 At first I drew lines on the acrylic circles matchin the kind of colorwheel that I wanted:
Analogous, compimentary etc

However, when I finished the color wheels, I wasn't too happy, as I felt I got distracted by all the other colours I could still see

So that's where the 6 white circles come in
I drew the lines on the six white circles

Cut out the parts that needed to be seen

Placed that on the transparant circles and glued down

Place this over 1 of the colorwheels,
punched a hole in the middle for a (colored) split pin

Now you can turn the top layer around.

Wishing you many happy coloring hours :)


I hope you enjoyed this "Technique a week" with Oddball Art Stamp Designs
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